Questions we are often asked...

1. What is the couture wedding gown design process?

Step 1: Call or email us to book your initial consultation
Step 2: Come in for your scheduled consultation/fitting to discuss ideas, price points and take measurements
Step 3: Book your calico fitting to confirm your vision meets your dream dress expectations
Step 4: Come in for your semi-final fitting to make sure your dress is 100% top notch. Remember to bring your undergarments, shoes and wedding accessories!
Step 5: Your dress is complete and ready to go home with you!

2. What does the free initial consultation include?

Firstly, we, of course, meet with you, go over different fabrics and design possibilities. We always work within the budget you give us so don’t worry about unexpected costs. By the end of your first consultation you will have a good idea of what your dress will look like, what fabric it will be made of, and exactly how much it will cost. No unpleased surprises! We also will take the precise measurements and get the process started.

3. What should I bring to my initial consultation:

• Pictures and ideas of what you have in mind
• A clear and simple vision of your wishes
• Your undergarments
• Avoid bringing too many people, the fewer people the better. It can be a little overwhelming with too many people.

4. How much time should I leave for my first appointment?

The initial consultation usually takes twice as much time as following fitting appointments. Olesya Hancock custom dress making appointments are free!

5. How much will my custom dress cost?

Custom dresses start at $1700; the price will vary depending on the complexity of the gown and fabric styles.
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